Choosing A Plate Beveling Machine

In this article I will cover what you should consider when choosing a plate beveling machine. Plate bevel machines are the best choice when you need to prepare a metal plate edge for welding, to clean up an edge for cosmetic reasons, or for clad stripping.

Your first consideration should be what type of plate beveling machine is appropriate for your needs. A bench machine is suitable when you have plates with a size that is easily and safely presented to the machine by hand.  Very large plates that cannot be easily manipulated by a worker may be beveled in place using a portable or automatic feed machine. The choice between a portable and automatic feed machine depends on the type of materials being machined, their thickness, the frequency of beveling activity, and the bevel quality desired. An automatic feed machine will consistently provide a higher quality bevel in less time than a portable machine.

Once you have chosen the type of beveling machine for your applications, you then should look for a machine that can accommodate the material types, thickness range, and bevel profiles needed (face/edge, V chamfer, J groove). Characteristics such as feed rate are best considered in context of what is appropriate for the material being beveled, and how much is removed in each pass. Don’t compromise tool life or bevel quality in favor of a slight improvement in feed rate.

A machine that is rigid, provides superior clamping of the workpiece, has plenty of motor power, and is easy to adjust will provide better service and overall production efficiency. If you process a diverse range of materials, thicknesses, and bevel profiles, consider purchasing two or more machines setup and optimized for separate application ranges with your overall product range.

Choosing a beveling machine begins with defining your bevel applications in terms of the plate size, and then choosing the machine type (bench, portable, automatic feed). Next you compare your plate material, thickness, and bevel profile needs to the machine capabilities. And finally, choose one or more a high quality machines that are easy to operate, adjust, and with the features and power you need for your application.