OMCA ART590 bench plate bevel machine
ART590 Bench Plate Beveling Machine

ART590 Bench Plate Beveling Machine

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This bench plate beveling machine will create internal and external chamfers on various geometric shapes.  It is ideal for 90° edge chamfering.  The machine is fabricated with a solid cast aluminum frame, and hardened and ground work table 260x290x14 mm thick.  A trolley and tubular base may be added. The cutting speed is fixed at 11000 rpm. A variety of cutting tools are available for various materials (steel, stainless, cast iron, aluminum, bronze, plastic..), radius (1,1.5,2,2.5,3 mm), and smaller diameters for tight spaces.  The power requirement for this 0.18 kW machine is 220 VAC 1-phase 60 Hz.  Foot pedal ART578 is available.   

Cutting Tools for ART590

Cutting Tool Holder Cutting Tool Insert Other Parts
360606/1   Plastic & Al     STD   (A)  
360606/2   bronze     STD   (A)  
360606/3   SS & CI     STD   (A)  
10380   ∅6 mm to 90° with bearing     (A) 10931/2.5   bearing ∅2.5 mm to 90°
10931/3   bearing ∅3.0 mm to 90°
10931/4   bearing ∅4.0 mm to 90° STD
10390   ∅6 mm R=1.0 with bearing     (A)  
10391   ∅6 mm R=1.5 with bearing     (A)  
10392   ∅6 mm R=2.0 with bearing     (A)  
10393   ∅6 mm R=2.5 with bearing     (A)  
10394   ∅6 mm R=3.5 with bearing     (A)  

STD   standard
STL   steel
SS   stainless steel and alloys
Al   aluminum and light alloys
CI   cast iron

(A) These cutting tools do not accept cutting tool inserts. They are complete for machining as supplied.

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