Cutting tool insert for ART.910 Clad

Cutting tool insert for ART.910 Clad

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Shipping included for plate beveling machines

Cutting tool insert for ART.910 Clad plate beveling machine.  Choose the cutting tool insert part number for the corresponding cutting tool holder.  The "Z5/Z7" reference for the cutting tool holder indicates how many cutting tool inserts are mounted to the cutting tool holder (Z5 = 5 inserts).  Price is for one cutting tool insert without holder. 


Cutting Tool Holder Cutting Tool Insert Screw
F00062   ∅63mm Z5 30°
F00063   ∅63mm Z5 60°
02045018R   SS  
F00064K   ∅63mm Z5/Z7 90° F00067K   SS  
F00065K   ∅63mm Z5/Z7 R=6 F00068K   SS R=6  
F00066K   ∅63mm Z5/Z7 R=8 F00069K   SS R=8  
844   ∅63mm Z7 45° 865/R   SS
865/A   Al

STD   standard
SS   stainless steel and alloys
Al   aluminum and light alloys


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