Cutting tool insert for ART.760/3F

Cutting tool insert for ART.760/3F

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Shipping included for plate beveling machines

Cutting tool insert for ART.760/3F portable plate bevel machine.  Three cutters are required for ART.760/3F:   P/N 761/1, 761/2, and 761/3.  Each cutter holds five cutting tool inserts (Z5).  Choose your insert based on the material to be machined: standard (677/S), stainless steel and alloys (677/I), or aluminum and light allows (677/A).  Price is for one cutting tool insert without holder. 


Cutting Tool Holder Cutting Tool Insert Screw
761/1   ∅60 mm Z5
761/2   ∅60 mm Z5
761/3   ∅60 mm Z5
677/S   STD
677/I   SS
677/A   Al

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